Top of Mount.Sibayak

I’ve been here twice. It’s not too tiring, 30minutes trek only then you can see the view of Berastagi City. Peoples say if you go here at night, you can see the city lights, unfortunately I still don’t have a chance to do so. I went there early in the morning to catch the sunrise view.

How to get here; before arriving in Berastagi from Medan, you can see a road-sign direction to the Sidebu-debu hot spring, turn right. You can just follow that road until it’s a dead end. There’s Pertamina geothermal energy-sourced on the end of the road. You can keep walking by foot, if you drive car, you need to ask permission to pass through. I went there by motorbike and I could keep going Until you find the hiking trek, park your vehicle there. Then Enjoy the trek, happy hiking!

around 6am in the morning

around 6am in the morning

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4 comments on “Top of Mount.Sibayak”

  1. Greetings from England. Enjoying your blog and photos. You mention its a geothermal area and I see some steam rising in one of those photos. Is the area volcanic?

    • Hi, Greetings from Indonesia. Yes, it’s a volcanic but the last eruption is more than a century ago. The geothermal activity in the form of steam vents and hot springs remains high on and around the volcano. -that’s what I read in wikipedia.
      All I know, there’s a national petroleum, oil and gas company that runs it called Pertamina. And I often go to the hot spring on weekend, to get in and chillin in the hot pool šŸ™‚

  2. Sepertinya seru. Berapa jam tuh naik motor dari Medan? Trus hiking nya brapa lama?

  3. hai,
    normalnya dari medan itu gak sampe 2jam perjalanan ya, waktu itu merasa lebih cepat karena berangkat jam2pagi dari medan, jalanan kosong jd bisa lebih cepat. sampe sana ngopi2 dulu di warung kopi yg buka 24jam, baru deh jam5 gitu bersiap mendaki. hiking nya kalo udah sering sih paling 30menit, ada tangga nya kok, memang jalur turis jadi gampang. kalo dikit2 pake istirahat ya, sejam juga mendaki nya. šŸ™‚

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